Sons d'Animaux Jeux d'Enfants

Sons d'Animaux est un jeu d'enfants de 0-4 ans. Sons et images de 72 animaux. Sons d'Animaux est un jeu gratuit pour les enfants de 0-4 ans. Touchez un animal! Vous entendrez le son et voir une belle image. Modifier les jeux d'animaux en utilisant les boutons sur le haut de l'écran. Sons d'Animaux possède plus de 70 animaux différents de tous les continents. Ce jeu est 100% intuitif et vieux, même un année les enfants peuvent jouer. Fun garanti!
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Sucrose, lactose and maltose

Sucrose - composed of glucose and fructose. Sucrose is an excellent preservative for milk and jam, as it lowers the water activity in these products, which inhibits the growth of mold,
Lactose - made ​​up of glucose and galactose. Present in milk and dairy products. In people with impaired production of lactase - an enzyme that is involved in the digestion of lactose, the body can not tolerate the sugar. Therefore, we recommend the consumption of fermented dairy drinks such as yogurt, kefir in which lactic acid bacteria during fermentation break down lactose, thereby, reduce the amount of such products,
Maltose - it consists of two molecules of glucose. There is a beer and bakery products. Maltose is produced by the fermentation of grain.


Glucose - sugar grape, widely distributed in nature. Located in the vegetable juices, especially fruit. Amount of glucose in the fruit depends on their species and state of maturity. Glucose is a physiological sugar - in body fluids. Under the influence of yeast ferment
Galactose - rarely occurs in the free state. In plants, occurs primarily in the form of galactans (agar), and in animals min. as a component of milk sugar and cerebrosides.
Mannose - in the animal component of complex polysaccharides, which are part of protein simplexes. In the world of plant occurs as a hard carbohydrate (some species of nuts and beans). The diet does not play a major role,
Fructose - fruit sugar, found in fruit, fruit juice, honey. Fructose is sweeter than sucrose by 73%, dissolved in water, taste the fruit and honey.


They usually occur in the form of polysaccharides or in combination with the aglycones. There are yeast fermentation.
Arabinose - component resins and vegetable gums,
Xylose - xylan component - rubber wood,
Ribose - does not occur in nature in the free state


Carbohydrates are organic compounds - polyhydric alcohols consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, in which the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is the same as in water (H2O), which is 2:1. Are commonly found in all plants: cereals, potatoes, pulses, fruits, and also in animal organisms.

Features of carbs:
- the cheapest and most readily available source of energy which is used primarily to maintain constant body temperature, the work of internal organs and to perform physical labor. , 1 g carbohydrates releases 4 kcal,
- Glucose is almost the sole source of energy for the brain and muscles,
- carbohydrates allow the economical balance of proteins and fats,
- supplied carbohydrates in the diet or synthesized in the body, are the building - blocks for the generation of structural elements of cells or biologically active substances (galactose, ribose, galacturonic acid, amonocukry, acetylated sugars, etc.)
- carbohydrates are not processed (overall) play an important role in water and mineral water, reducing the excretion of these compounds,
- participate in the construction of cellular membranes,
- some polysaccharides (dietary fiber), although they are not digested by the human body and absorbed, it does play an important role in regulating gastrointestinal motility.